Suffolk County: 631-836-2761

Nassau County: 631-748-9145


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Don't allow termites to destroy your property

Results you will be pleased with

Depend on us to rid you of your problem

Having termites in your home is a true nuisance. Our trained and skilled technicians know just what to do and how to remove them. Count on us to use methods that have been honed for over 25 years. Trust in our expertise and vast knowledge of pest removal, with guaranteed results.



• Traditional liquid barrier treatments.

• Advance Baiting Systems installed and monitored.

• Inspections and all mandatory paperwork available.

• Prompt and professional service


We don’t take termite control and prevention lightly. These bugs can and will destroy your property which is why we take careful precautions to get them out of your life for good. You'll be relieved by our results.

Our services are fully guaranteed.


Are termites taking a bite out of your life? Call now for help:

Suffolk County: 631-836-2761

Nassau County: 631-748-9145

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