Suffolk County: 631-836-2761

Nassau County: 631-748-9145


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Are unwanted furry friends showing up at your door?


We help you keep the animals away

Rely on us for great results

Not all animals are created equal. Some may appear cute, fuzzy, and friendly but looks can be deceiving. If you have raccoons, opossums, and other critters terrorizing your home, look to us for help. These animals can destroy vegetation, property, and can be dangerous. Our staff is here to rid you of these potential threats.


Never fear, we only use humane trapping methods when resolving your wildlife issue.

Live animal trapping is serious business and isn’t something you should try yourself. When you call us, we guarantee to resolve your issue in a safe and controlled way. Trust in the methods we have used for over 25 years.

After we take care of your problem, we’ll help you implement methods that will keep them from returning. Call us today for a FREE consultation. Ask us about our no-contract services.


Do you have a problem with wildlife?

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Suffolk County: 631-836-2761

Nassau County: 631-748-9145

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